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Some tips:

at the scene of the accident check for injuries first and foremost always assess if you are injured or if there are injuries to any other drivers passengers or pedestrians if so immediately call 911 assistance pull over and clear roadway if there are no major injuries and you can safely move your car off to the side of the road and get your hazard lights on then it’s best to do so this helps keep you safe and out of the way of oncoming traffic while you exchange information with the other drivers and wait for police and or ambulance to arrive if you’re concerned about the safety of driving the car then leave it where it is call police call the police especially if there’s an injury depending on the situation for example injury versus non-injury accidents and jurisdiction police may gather statements from drivers involved and determine if it’s necessary to file a police report it’s also a good idea to note the investigating officers name and badge number in case your insurance agent or attorney needs to contact the officer exchange driver information get the names addresses and phone numbers of all the other drivers involved in the traffic accident right down the make model year and license plate number of each vehicle be sure to obtain all insurance information including the company policy number and any insurance agent contact information the driver can provide refer to the LVMPD drivers exchange information sheet take photos now most of us have smartphones equipped with a camera so snap some photos of the scene of the accident damage to your car and or other vehicles involved in the accident it can be very useful having documentation of the damage ie license plates driver’s license proof of registration proof of insurance proximity position of cars involved and other evidence such as skid marks along the road helps when submitting an accident claim to your insurance company gather witnesses if there are any witnesses to the accident be sure to get their names and contact information and have them write a description of what happened also make sure they agree to let your or insurance agent to contact and question them stay put stay with your vehicle until the police have arrived and filed any necessary reports and all information with other drivers has been exchanged leaving the scene of an accident could result in criminal charges or misrepresentation of the accident shortly following the accident file a DMV accident report the laws for reporting accidents to the DMV vary from state to state in general anyone involved in a car accident involving personal injuries death or property damage is exceeding around seven hundred and fifty dollars must file a car accident report to the DMV file claim with your insurance company the most important thing to remember about filing an insurance claim is to report your accident as soon as possible also provide insurance company with information on the other driver contact a lawyer depending on the extent of the damage and/or injury it may be a good idea to contact a lawyer because motor vehicle accidents can be complex and involve multiple parties personal injuries product defects such as airbags etc and other issues that may not be obvious document medical treatment if medical attention was required for injuries be sure to keep records of all hospital visits tests prescriptions and other expenses that arise as a result of your accident this information will be needed by your insurance company and attorney

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