How to get Pokemon Go hack Cheats Free pokecoins pokeballs Generator online IS working again

How to get Pokemon Go hack Cheats Free pokecoins pokeballs Generator online IS working again

before we do get into the video. i just wanted to say one quick thing if you . want any free pokeballs or like gift cards iTunes gift cards PlayStation Xbox best buy amazon any type of gift cards you . can really think of they have it on this be sure to go check it out in the description titled free gift cards . you . you know when your self some pretty cool stuff anyways let’s get right into this video.what you . are going to want to do easy as you want to click the link in the description down below that’s going to be titled pokemon kill hack it’s going to bring you right here to this website just hit the download now button . make sure you . are in the regular sections you see not the VIP . if you . are on .roid then just hit the little .roid tab right there . then click download now . . i’m just going to fast-forward it kind of downloading . stuff like that it did take a little bit of a while but that’s just because my internet was being super slow because as you saw on that other page. i couldnt even load up the .roid page.yeah the installations should not be that long as for me it usually isn’t it’s just that. i got a new router yet today . it’s been kind of acting up lately.honestly if.

i get this video even uploaded to YouTube . i’m going to be very satisfied but anyway.just wait for that to install . it shouldn’t take too long as you . you know of course if you . have an internal Internet anyways it’s a chronology open it up.go into your settings then what you . are going to want to do is go into general. i click on the wrong room wrong one right here because you’re going to want to go into story profiles . device management go into winner media whichever one is like new there whatever hit trust . then trust again . then just back out the settings . then it’s going to let you open it up . then here you . do not need to allow notifications . just close the ad if it pops up swipe . then press start now . for me to actually show that pokemon go right on the homepage right there what if it doesn’t for you just hit the search bar at the top . then just type in pokemon go .

there’s going to be a whole bunch of different hacks you . can actually try out. i usually like to go for the one that has the most downloads just because that kind of like ensures is that a lot of people are using it . that is probably the one that’s most likely to work.then at the bottom close that ad . then press . get it free . this part right here actually took me a very long time this took me about 10 minutes but as you . can see like it’s going up by like kilobytes per long as you . have a decent of Internet shouldn’t take too long but even with this would only took me 10 minutes to install.yeah anyways . i’m just posturing it up there in the background you . can see this is sped up like all the way that. i can in my editing software . the percentage is still going out super slow but one thing. i do want to say but this hack is that if you . like want to keep all your stuff . like you .

really worried that you . like might lose the stuff or whatever I’d say do this hack on like a separate account or whatever because. i kind of use these hacks more just a way to kind of like mess around . Pokemon go when . i’m at home but if you . are like playing this legit . actually collecting them then. i definitely do not recommend you . do this because you . do have a potential of getting soft bend in this. i actually proved that using the hack it doesn’t get you soft Bend right away but it could happen later if you visit and try these  that pokemon go hack  see this and      . like over use this type of thing.just be careful when you . using this . also. i wanted to talk about because Pokemon goes been really really dead for the past couple while like. i only made videos on this in the summer they were doing really well on my channel .. i heard about this new update one point 27 point to which is a hack that obviously getting this for but besides that like it’s been really dead. i want to. i want to hear from you . like throughout this whole kind of like fall . winter season have you .

still been playing pokemon go because also if you . live in a like a area where it smells or something then it’s kind of hard to do it. i remember in the summer it was just super popular . now it just kind of like really died out like. i really don’t know anyone that’s still playing this but it was really requested by you . .. i figured you know like Pokemon Go hack Cheats  kill hack or no pokemon go update or something one point 27.2 was actually like trending on my twitter so. i figured it’d be worth it to make a video on this.yeah let me know if you’re still playing though engli comment section down below I’d be very curious. i haven’t done it in a while occasionally I’ll just kind of like use these hacks . stuff like that but besides that. i haven’t been actually like going out . collecting them . yeah anyways we’re almost done there’s 75% mrs. bed up all the way . it’s still going super slow.yeah. i had to wait.long for this to download but it shouldn’t take too long for you . because like. i said my internet was just acting up . . . i’m actually just going to cut to when the download finishes because this is just thinking way way too long the download has finished ninety-nine percent come on there we go 100 .

now it’s actually going to tell you to install right there.just hit that install button right there . then it’s going to like actually Pokemon Go hack Cheats it but don’t worry this is not taking nearly as long even with my slow internet this actually went by pretty fast.yeah it should be done in a second here it’s just going to install . there you go there it is pokemon go you . can then open up to open it up right away . it’s just going to show you like the default Pokemon get loading stuff if you . do get an ad here . . i’m pretty sure the first time you get to do those up you usually do get an ad just close it . then like. i said earlier make sure you . are log in with like a second account or something also make sure you will allow your location because without that it actually will not work but anyways . i’m just going to blow out me logging in right there . there you go notifications you . do not need to allow that you . obviously can if you want to . yeah anyways you . can see the little toolbar at the top since the last time. i made a Pokemon go video they actually added quite a new quite a lot of new features so. i definitely worth checking it out it’s definitely worth checking out is what i’d like to say . yeah anyways you .

can see also the moving pad in the bottom right corner is different you . can move that around like put on any part of the screen you . do want to for me. i kind of liked it there in the bottom right corner but yeah anyways here . i’m going to prove that it doesn’t get you soft .. i actually caught the pokemons . then it broke free.. i’m like oh shoesies doesn’t work but then after trying it again it actually does work as you . can see right here. i through the pokeball again . . give me some tip there but yeah. i actually do catch it here.yeah that’s pretty much it for the video. i hope you . did enjoy if you did be sure to LIKE on it that would be greatly appreciated if you . want me to upload more Pokemon Gil. i certainly can . i’m kind of just going to use this video as like a sort of tester to see if you . like it or not . yeah as you can see . i’m moving around right there. i just leveled up . then also at the top something very important to note is that you . can change your speed between your walk to a between a walk drive . run.yeah definitely fiddle around with those settings. i wouldn’t recommend doing drives too much but yeah as you . can see my guy is beating up . then . i’m also just going to go to a poke stop here just tells the show that it works . to be honest. i really have no idea what ms AMS low bro e ex is.yeah this location is completely where it put me in . yeah anyways thank you . watch this video have a great day . peace out

Clash Royale hack Cheats is spreading all over the web!

Clash Royale hack Cheats is spreading all over the web!

Clash Royale hack Cheats

all right well cancel button actually work look. i got time to class with cam you can see that we have some confetti here .

the reason is because. i got 12 wins in a Gr. Challenge so. i did it with this deck the one that you . said. i was aids which we’re going to open up this Gr. Challenge test we’re going to open up this magical chest . we’re even going to open up this pre test. i mean that’s. i mean the silver one . then after that we have some super magical chest to open.let’s go . get started with this gr. challenge test see what we get.I’ve been doing gr. challenges still . I’ve had a little bit of trouble getting to 12 lengths but finally was able to do it again!


we’re getting pretty good cards here rocket battle ramp!

. i screwed a total 32.Dockery garden tornado elite barbarians . we’re gonna get a legendary name for no dragon gr. challenges are really good way to get cards .. i forgot to mention . look at this 100,000 cards won from challenges that’s why. i wanted to show you . that challenge test because. i you know it was pretty significant.let’s go . open up this magic test where we get here 789 gold already got the goblets plumber era lead barbarians which the collector in for bollocks.that was interesting just to stroll into the general bath . now we can start opening some super magical chest.let’s do this.of course you know while we’re opening these chests we’re going to read some comments.first comment is buy extra powerful.

i expect you to get to champion because yesterday ah you know how far do you . expect me to get   clash royale hacks- –  and     with my card levels in my tower level ..this guy says we got made it he said. i expect you to get to champion so. i don’t know if you mean like right now the expecting to be a champion or if you mean by at the end of the season I’m supposed to get champion but it seems like a lot of you . told me that. i should be in being at least by the end of the season so. i think we can make comment is can you inspire me to play clash Royale while I’m doing homework . help my mom get mad at me inspirational has plenty loot electro Izzard.we need 70 more for a level 5 Electra wizard that is pretty crazy dark Prince’s nice next comment.

i think you would look really good if you work out . the thing about that is. i actually used to work out all the time .. i was. i was getting bigger but. i mean. i used to be skinnier than. i how. i am right now. i don’t know if you . would think that that’s possible but it is but .. i used to work out .. i actually have a heart condition that you know prevents me from working out so

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