Why we are one of the top law firms in Las Vegas?

my name is Brad manner i’m one of the founding partners here at the law firm.

i have three wonderful children they are my life and i love my kids and every time i’m out of the office that’s what I look forward to spending time with my children well I was born and raised in Las Vegas my father’s from Las Vegas my mother from Las Vegas like I have deep rich tradition here and in this valley and that’s rare i know i love this place i love the people here the this law firm stands for something and i love working here because i love contributing to that i love the message that we conveyed to this community that we we stand for something and I love being a part of that one would think that I would I would say that my greatest accomplishments are the jury verdicts that I’ve obtained or you know that the big settlements are the big results that I’ve had but but really what I count is my success are the stories that come after those verdicts or they come after the results the people that come to me or to to my associate after a big cases one and and they’re very thankful for what we’ve been able to do for them i remember a lady that we represented who no one would listen to she tried to resolve a catastrophic injury on her own and she was just trying to get some answers and no one would listen to her and it took a took a jury verdict to kind of wake them up and she came to us afterwards and tears and was just so thankful and just wanted to hug us and give us gifts and it’s those kind of things that that I count as success is when we change someone’s life for the better I became a lawyer because I watched my father when I was young he was a very recognized attorney in this community and I used to work for him when I was young I used to work in his little house that he that he turned into a law firm downtown here and it was a runner for him and I used to watch him in the courtroom and and I saw what what he did for people I saw the passion that he had when he when he argued and when he he represented people and the bonds that he made with those people it it inspired me and when I went to college it’s just kind of something that I pursued and and ever since I’ve been practicing I have longed to have those kind of relationships with my clients and with with with other attorneys in this community I just it’s something that that I was kind of born and raised with and I enjoy and I love a lot of our business comes from other law firms sixty to seventy percent of the big cases we get come from other lawyers and a lot of those lawyers do exactly what we do the reason why we stand out is because we’ll go the distance we we take these these these people that that have complex problems catastrophic injuries and and we get them justice where as other firms and other lawyers may not have that goal in mind they might have you know overhead to pay or they might have other pursuits that they’re there after here we’re interested in one thing and that is getting the right result for for these people and that’s why we stand out is because we’ll go the distance there we won’t stop at anything to get what they deserve and that’s why that’s why you should come to manor at the column